How do you define yourself?

I am still in the past of redefining myself..it is a continuous process. Our purpose is constantly redefining our values.

I am a photographer now. I am a also a software engineer, which is similar to being a photographer in the sense of organizing and planning, defining you vision and then executing it. The art part is very different.

A. | What is your work routine? What does your job entail? 

I interact with designers, models and artist when presenting myself as a photographer. Everyone you work with has a personality of their own—this makes the process way more dynamic. You get to capture a collaborative idea and paint it with your vision. Photography is all about my vision—serving what my soul is really craving at that point. I do many projects I have never done before. to come to this conclusion, I have worked in Commercial, weddings, and private sectors. 

A. | What is your vision for the future of your work? 

My current vision is self exploration—finding projects that speak to introspection…tapping into humanity. My vision is to do projects that express as many ideas about the human soul and human interaction as possible. I hope to find a social message in all of my work. 

My next set of projects I have set up for myself spin more toward fantasy in story line photos—using post processing add that magical element to it. 

A. | What do you do outside of your work routine?

I draw manga characters, I dance and I play musical instruments. These are all channels to express yourself. Expression is something you have to do. 

Photography is the main outlet where I am happy.

What are the most important traits to have when working in the fashion industry? 

The most important is knowing your values..always do projects that align with your values. You could say yes to 1,000 projects but you need to know what you;re trying to get out of something. You have to know what your brand is even if it is an evening brand..that is you—it is the most important part. Find the projects that will help your own projects grow. before you work with anyone look at their portfolio and their brand to see if it really alight with you vision. you have to know what you wan

Where do you feel at home? 

When I am spending time being alone, in reflection, and deep mediation as I morphing and changing.

A. | What are you most proud of in your career?

My favorite project I did was a story line using models like actors to paint a story and creating an emotional story with it, you become a director in this kind of role! It was called "Guns and Roses about a man and a woman with spy characteristics who were running away. There is a vulnerability part of humanity—that was the message, this project was a meditative project. 

A. | What are the biggest challenges that you see in the industry?

The main challenges are resources. So the real challenge is thinking outside the box about what you could achieve with cheaper alternatives. 

A. | Other advice you want to share?

No matter what you do…at the end of the day yo have added another definition to your brand (your technique, your style and your characteristic) not doing work that could be anyone else's is important for having a unique style and branding. 

It is important to know that once you make your hobby into a full time job you have to be a business person. I keep it away from work to keep it what I want to do and not what I should do.

During your down times, find interaction with a new friend, take a drive to get inspired by nature…do something that will result in a new experience. do something new! All of this will inform new thinking and what your trying to express to the world. Experience is what really matter about an artist without experience there is a lack of dept.