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A. | How do you define yourself?

I am really curious. Part of what drew me to journalism and certainly the world of fashion is that it is an incredibly creative industry where we like to learn people’s perceptions of the world. 

A. | What does your daily work routine look like?

I go for runs every day. Checking email and the various feeds that I follow. When I step into work it is different every day-it can be anything! I am out late most nights at different events getting to meet incredibly talented people in the city, coming home and doing it all over again.

A. | How did you become interested in the fashion industry? 

It is something that was always very inherent. My mom would always shake her head because she said from the moment I was born I had very specific aesthetics and preferences. I used my allowance to by Vogue issues and used them to wall paper my room. I always knew that I wanted to work in the industry some day and I have always been an avid reader and loved to write. Being able to write about the arts was always the goal and I was very fortunate that I took every possible opportunity to write and get published.

A. | What would you like to see more of in Seattle’s fashion industry?

The industry may not be here yet but there is a very savvy consumer here and that’s what has been so exciting for me to have been able to join the community and cover it. I would love to see the national attention on designers in this city because there is a consumer who appreciates a very refined aesthetic and that has a very real understanding of trend and what’s happening in the industry so slowly but surely as the reputation of Seattle is becoming such an increasing destination I'm excited for the industry to wake up and pay attention to what’s happening here.

A. | What is fashion? How does fashion play a role in your life? 

When someone says you work in “fashion” I think people’s ears perk up a little bit whether that person works in finance or the arts. There is always that inherent question of “well, what does that mean?” There is that curiosity about it because it is so much: it is creativity, it is innovation, it is intellect, it is deeply personal aesthetic, it’s a multi-billion dollar professional industry.

A. | Where do you feel at home?

I am still figuring this out. I am from the East Coast and I have lived in four different cities in the last six years so that is not a question I can answer just yet even though Seattle does feel like that—I am one of those people who actually enjoys the grey weather, I am loving to get to wear knits and layers again.

A. | How do you define success?

The best success you can hope for is by finding something you love and finding something that you are good at and if you are lucky you’ll make a living out of it. Those are the terms of a successful career that I grew up believing and I feel really lucky to be able to have found all three by being the style editor at Seattle Magazine.