A. | What are you most proud of in your career?

Disregarding certain fears I had around fitting in. It is a fairly closed market in terms of what people are allowed to shoot and I didn’t like it. 

A. | What is fashion? How does fashion play a role in your life? 

It is a form of outward self-expression. It is great because it can be interpreted in an infinite amount of ways, it is personal, it is intimate, in is the most simplest form of personal expression which is what excites me so much about it.

A. | What is unique about Seattle’s fashion industry? 

Organizations like Bellevue and Seattle Fashion Week are really great starting points because they let people know that there is interest in the local economy but there needs to be more of an outreach on different levels, whether it is making it more accessible to different levels—emerging designers and established designers, and showing different kinds of fashion in order for this to happen successfully. It is great that the motivation and desire is there but in order for it to thrive it has to be more inclusive. 

A. | What are the biggest challenges you overcome?

There is a lack of a foundation for the support for the fashion industry in Seattle. It has been the biggest uphill battle that a lot of us have faced, whether they are designers or photographers or talent what I see is people who will enter right into the scene excited and ready to finally change this fashion scene and bring it to become something on the map and then they really quickly hit that ceiling and realize that without that strong foundation of all of the different components—the designers, the supply chain, constant creators, etc.,  without networking together and having that interest constantly feeding into he growth of the local scene, we just can’t get there. It has been a constant circling back and its going to have to be a group effort for sure.

A. | How does oppression and privilege influence people’s success in your industry? 

If you think about fashion photography, or any kind or art form it is putting yourself out there so these kinds of things are easily infiltrated into the industry. Fashion is a money game for sure and it's hard to enter without capitol. 

A. | How do you define success?

Meaningful work that makes you happy. 

A. | What makes a good team?

I used to think was finding people you liked to work with. Now I have learned that it is a diverse group of people who challenge you but who also believe in the same shared goals.

A. | What do you think are the most important traits in your industry?

Fashion is a visible industry. A lot of people don’t think about it when they go into it, you can’t hide your work so you have to be detail-oriented. Fashion does not succeed if it does not look into the future. 

A. | What would you recommend to yourself 10 years ago?

Be kind to people. That is what it is all about; giving people opportunities and helping people. When I think back on times where was capitative or self-centered it didn’t get me anywhere.