FEILD: Production, creative direction ZODIAC: GEMINI 

A. | How do you define yourself?

I am a tomboy. I am a carpenter. I am an artist. I am a set designer. I am always thinking about how to do the next thing. In the last several years I have felt like there are two sides of me and how I portray myself, one that is on work and one that is off work. I am always either in working clothes or vintage style pieces and there is a story within each.  

A. | What is your work routine? What does your job entail?

I am a set designer but I do some styling in working with textiles and production. I spend a lot of time concepting. I do stage design for photo studios, scout locations and do the production for fashion photo-shoots. I am always working in the sense that my mind is always thinking of the next project even before it has fallen in my lap. In other words, I spend most of my day brainstorming. I am trying to be better at actually writing these ideas down. When I am listening to clients I write down notes and draw small free form sketches. A few days before the shoot is very much like your doing a fashion show, there are concepts that you are sporadically getting it built before the shoot and then you run the show.

In terms of a routine, being a freelancer, one week is always different than the next

A. | How did you become interested in your field?

My dad was a builder so I was always using a hammer and scratch pieces of wood when he took me to his job sight. When I was 14 I went to a performance arts high school and decided to study theatre so I did everything from sound and lighting to set. It was a natural progression for me to be working on this. I started working in theater but there was always more work in commercial industry.

A. | What are you most proud of in your career?

Anytime I am working for EVRNU. Not only do I really believe in the company and the cause, the people behind it are great to work with. Its been really great to grow with the company from the beginning.

A. | What is unique about Seattle's fashion industry?

Seattle is a really green place and that is really great. There is so much out doors so there is a lot of sports influence – a Seattle uniform seems like it’s a Patagonia or aColumbia. It would be nice to see people try to make the two realms of being green and more fashionable work together. Seattle is a really great place for designers, there is room for everyone to work together.

A. | What is fashion? How does fashion play a role in your life? 

Fashion hints at time and place but it is more about the character that wears it and everything that is surrounding it that defines fashion.

A. | Where do you feel at home?

It is not so much a place because I am so spread out – I feel most at home when I am traveling.  I am a little more nomadic than having one home. Home is more experiences for me. When I come back from traveling I experience almost a reverse culture shock—I feel a little bit homeless at home.

A. | How do you define success?

Only contracting work that I believe in, for companies that I believe in, like EVRNU, and for the world at large. Success is when I can get done with a job and be proud of myself not just for the design that I did but the whole project that I was a part of.

A. | What would you recommend to yourself 20 years ago?

Do not be crippled by fear. The idea of failure can be so intimating that people never want to try, it takes failure to get better. I would tell myself to go all in a bit more.

A. | What is your favorite quote?

"It doesn’t really matter where you’re going it is how you get there."