A. | What is your work routine? What does your job entail?

I read a lot. I also mediate, it keeps you grounded. Also, every day learn out and learn something new. Fashion is is a very fast paced industry and you have to stay grounded.

A. | What would you like to see more of in Seattle's fashion industry?

Fashion shows that are bigger and nicer events—a show should be very dramatic with the lighting and staging and music.

A. | What is Fashion? How does fashion play a role in your life?

It is about empowering one another and being supportive. For me, fashion is about empowering women and having them have the confidence to be who they are—lack of confidence has gotten in my way personally…thank goodness I have that creative side. I can embrace that darkness and turn it into something positive with fashion. I encourage women to find a signature look in fashion versus always trying to compare themselves to other women. Just do you and embrace yourself. Fashion is about expressing yourself!

A. | What is your vision for the future of your work?

I am working on my next collection right now and it should be done by the fall. I am looking at Bellevue Fashion Week and the Wedding Shows of 2017.

 A. | How does oppression and privilege influence people’s success in your field?

It is the foundation for who people are. There are people out there who are oppressed and it pushes them to be better or to do better work and there are people out there who are privileged and they take it lightly, they don’t put in the same amount of work.

A. | How do you define success?

It isn’t about money. It is being a better person than I was yesterday. Inspiring people and leading people to have that confidence in themselves. I want people to overcome the fear in their way and in overcoming that reaching their goals.Success is also learning to embrace those dark times and turning them into something positive.

A. |  What does “sustainability” mean to you in the context of fashion or business?

Success, style and sustainability is all intertwined with one another and that is what my brand is about.

A. | What do you think are the most important traits in your industry?

A lot of people are resistant to change, but I’m like “oh, the unknown, I want to go there!” It's an opportunity for growth and personal development. You have to take those opportunities. You also have to know business. It really doesn’t matter if you have all of this talent because if you don’t have that business aspect it is really hard to move around in the industry, you are an entrepreneur! You have to know how to lead by inspiring people.

A. | Any other production advice you would like to share?

Promotion is really important. Getting celebrities to wear your products is huge and getting the word out there to the general public is big.